Used for extinguishing all types of fire (Classes A, B, C, E).

Fire extinguisher ball (YT) YT is a completely automatic fire extinguisher in contact with fire.
When thrown or rolled into the room, it will immediately explode, burning. It is also possible to place hot spots, for example, burning objects, including electric boxes, gas warehouses, production areas, constructions, vehicles, enterprises (schools, kindergartens, medical centers, etc.). If a fire occurs, it will cope with the burn itself, protecting people’s lives and property, and will harm the burn.


Processing immediately.
Effective and extremely efficient fire stop, dust ball is the fastest way to stop any burn. Just throw the ball and it will activate itself in 3 seconds and prevent the flame.
Automatic activation.
In the event of a fire and there is no possibility to call a fire brigade, or the brigade can’t reach the area,
until the arrival, YT is an invaluable help. Special and unique anti-burn mechanism is automatically activated,and for this you need to throw the ball from the desired distance into the flame from your stopping point.
Safe distance.
There is no need to approach the flame,throwing him out of the room from a long distance and observe how the ball does its work.

Human and Environment. Training and service.

It is not toxic to humans and the environment. There is no need for special training, including special skills are not required. Doesn’t require repair and maintenance. It has a 5-year warranty. Easily managed, light weight, the weight is less than 1,5 kg, it is also suitable for women, children and the elderly. For them this balls is most convenient fire extinguisher. Anyone can react to the burn in time and use it fast!


Categories of burns:
A- burning of solid materials (paper, cardboard, wood, plastic things, etc)
B-burning of flammable liquids (oil, gasoline, kerosene, methanol, etc)
C-burning of flammable gases (propane, butane, methane, acetylene, etc) E-Electric fires
F-burning of fats used in the kitchen.

Comparison between ordinary fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher ball

If flammable balloon explodes, giving the grenade effect, the iron parts move chaotic at very high speed and can pose a serious threat to human life. Quickly breaks down while being in the long term and direct sunlight, also in the seaside cities, it is often possible to encounter corrosion of flammable balloons.