The experience of recent years shows that, it is also possible burn of cars (“without reason”). Although this is mainly the result of interference in the electrical system, it is possible burn of cars from the problem arising in the course of normal operation. Please note that the burning car is fully burn for 10 minutes on average. Therefore, even after the ignition of the car, even if you are 100 meters from the refueling station, it is inevitable that your car will become completely unusable. But, as practice shows, in most cases, the ignition of the car occurs after the first smoke, which lasts 5-6 minutes, or after the flame in a small area. It is not difficult to extinguish such a smoke and a small flame with a fire extinguisher for the car.

Code of Administrative responsibilities

302.1. Appropriate penalties are provided for violation or non-fulfillment of fire safety standards, norms and rules in enterprises, institutions and organizations, public places, warehouses, hostels or other residential areas, forests and transport, regardless of the form of ownership.

individuals are warned or they are fined from five to ten manat, officials are warned or they are fined from twenty to thirty-five manat, legal entities from one hundred and fifty to two hundred manat.

To Section 7 of Annex 1 of the law “On road traffic”, as well as paying attention to Article 7 of the law “on fire safety”, it is known that, the owner (owner) of each vehicle has the duty to comply with the rules of fire safety in the vehicles that are in their possession (use) and maintain the primary fire extinguishing vehicles.

Car, tractor etc. the owner is obliged to keep the fire extinguisher in the vehicle. This item is in transport, such as ships, trains, aircraft, metro, as well as in transport organizations with a certain number of vehicles( for example, in an organization with dangerous cargo cars, in a bus park and in other such cases), it is also applied in the course of monitoring the general fire safety situation.

In this regard, it is necessary to touch on another issue. In the literal sense of Part 7 of Annex 1 of the law “on road traffic” , it is possible to assume that the driver who is not in his car can be brought to responsibility under Article 155.2-3 of the IKHM, because the fire extinguisher is among the” other factors of the construction”.

When reviewing all articles of the law, the car will not be able to pass the technical inspection without a fire extinguisher.

You can download the full text of the decision here:

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan № 399 dated September 9, 2019, the norms of provision of vehicles with fire extinguishers have been established.