In the 80s of the last century, 210 winemaking factories operated in Azerbaijan, more than 150,000 workers and specialists worked in the winemaking industry. In those years, 56 types of wine, 10 types of cognac, 4 types of champagne and other alcoholic drinks were produced in the country. Many varieties of wine (Agstafa, Shamakhy, Kurdamir, etc.) repeatedly awarded medals at world events.
Our “Agdam” did not even recognize its rivals from the Baltic countries to the Far East, and champagne was considered the best gift for Moscow officials. The first years of independence of our country ended with almost complete destruction of viticulture and winemaking, and only in recent years this useful and profitable industry has been restored, the indicators have increased year by year. In 2017, more than 1 million decaliters of wine products were produced in the country, of which about 375 thousand decaliters were exported. True, although the geography of the main export directions of Azerbaijani wine is not so great, only 338 thousand decalitres have been exported to Russia and 27 thousand decalitres to China.

As a continuation of the vector of tasks and reforms put before the government, as a patriot entrepreneur, in order to further promote Azerbaijan in the international arena, we decided to inform about Ontario province of Canada, which has a great import potential of winemaking, and put forward a number of proposals.

We would like to inform you that the volume of Canada’s beverage sector is approximately $ 24 billion (compared to the total product of Iceland). The liquor sector of Ontario province is regulated by the state (LCBO) and the latter carries out the control and regulation of prices, import conditions, importing countries, products, quotas.

For LCBO 2019 year I bring to your attention some basic figures:
$ 6.39 billion dollar income received;
$ 2.37 billion dollar dividends transferred to Ontario government;
Total sales of e-commerce: $ 19.5 million;
Trade turnover from mobile phone software: 2.9 million dollars; more than 450.000 active mobile application users;
Number of LCBO stores serving throughout Ontario: 666;
E-commerce sales increased by 72% compared to last year;



prices starting from $1.80-$2.50

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