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One will burn your money and gain extra weight in return, while the other will burn extra weight, saving you money and gaining health.

If you regularly or sometimes ride a bicycle, you improve your life even more. Getting over every kilometer with a bicycle causes better health and mood. For these reasons, cycling makes us better:

The cyclist’s ability to be physically good

Nobody should doubt that a professional cyclist is one of the healthiest people. In total on a bicycle in an hour you will burn more than 500 calories, depending on the specifics and speed of the road. According to a 2013 study, cycling is an excellent way to help slow down the onset of cardiovascular diseases in older people. Riding a bicycle in addition to the benefits for the heart provides a load of different muscle groups, including quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles and even veins.

Cyclist is always full of energy.
You will surely think that going out on the taps will be a lot tiring, but it is known that cyclists have more energy than non-cyclists. In a study conducted in 2008, scientists found that exercise at a moderate intensity for six weeks helps to relieve fatigue and increase energy levels.

Cyclist looks decent.
According to the British Heart Disease Prevention Foundation, ¼ of respondents said they would prefer a cyclist better than any athlete. 80% of the participants said that such behavior would make a pleasant impression on them.

Cyclist lives healthier and longer life.
Perhaps this is due to physical activity or attentiveness, but despite many options, scientists believe that cycling helps to increase life expectancy. According to a study in the International Journal of Sports, cyclists taking part in the Tour de France Live 8 years longer than the average person.

Citizens use our smartphone and Baku Bike (BB) mobile app to identify existing bicycles at Bike stations.
Using the mobile app, they select the bike and use the phone’s Bluetooth option to take the bike out of the parking lot and start the journey.
After the bike is used, the bike is returned to the designated appropriate stop and thus the trip is considered completed.
In Real time, all cyclists and drivers are recorded in the software, observed for safety and operational service purposes.

Mobile application and software of Baku Bike ( bb).
When a citizen uses and returns a bicycle, his activity is recorded and used in the future for the application of bonus programs and other development and analytical purposes. When the bike is ordered, BB uses the phone’s Bluetooth option to remove the bike from the shelf. When the citizen returns the bike, the bike is automatically locked in the rack and The Citizen finishes the rent in the BB.

Since our locks are made of solar energy, it is enough to take a few hours of direct sunlight a day, and racks are installed in the appropriate place – there is no need for additional electricity. The locks are mounted on the front of the bicycle and allow citizens to use the bicycles and return them to any stop of the company. Locks and racks are covered with special paint-powder for all season durability. Where can bicycle stations be installed?Bicycle stations should be in places that receive at least two hours of direct sunlight every day. Direct sunlight is charging locks that work with the sun on bicycles. No electricity or internet is required at Bike stations. Each rack holds a bicycle, so it is possible to create bike stations of any size, depending on the location and needs. Racks are installed directly on the concrete. More information can be found in the ”Bike Rack” Installation and site planning guide.

How do you choose a bike?
Our citizens and guests of the country download and register the Baku Bike (BB) software for free. Immediately after registration, you can see the bicycles ready for use on the mobile map and unlock them via Bluetooth, removing them from the shelf. Each bike has a Bluetooth lock attached to the front, which is used to “lock” the bike to the rack. The service is provided 24 hours a day.

What will be the prices and fees?
To register, you need to have a mobile number and a smartphone. During registration, the citizen will be charged a service fee of 1 AZN to his / her balance. Payment will be made by bank card or other non-cash payment method. The fee for using the service will be 80 kopecks for every 30 minutes. Various 1 month – 49 AZN, 6 month-270 azn and 1 year-480 azn subscription packages will be presented. Annual subscribers and only students, families of martyrs, and for the disabled after a period of 25% discount will be provided. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, every 4th hour will be free within the framework of our company’s “motivation program”, which will allow us to use the bike for a long time and, as a result, will allow our citizens to get a healthier body, a higher spirit and mood. This program will apply only to Azerbaijani citizens.

Is it mandatory to adopt the rules of the company to use the bicycle?
Yes, the system comes with the material responsibility and the company’s general responsibility and personal safety conditions for which each user must sign on the equipment in order to use the bike sharing software. This consent requires the citizen to accept certain risks, material responsibility for the bike and personal responsibility for events or accidents while riding the bike. Can customers use a bank card to access and use the system? Yes, in the future, they will be able to fully use the system even with facial features and fingerprints, provided that the legislation provides for relevant cases. For bicycle rental, a citizen uses the system by entering a bank card or other payment method, including the ability to receive monthly and annual subscription cards, and creates conditions for profitable use and savings of funds for subscribers.

How many speed does the bike have?
Our bicycles come standard with Shimano 7-speed internal transmission and offer a 40% wider transmission range than 3-speed bikes, these make the bike more versatile and are available to a wide audience and citizens depending on their ability to drive.

How do you change gears?
A simple bending of the wrist changes the gears. Bicycles are equipped with a twist-grip changer located in your right hand. The Changer contains an indicator that shows you are always in gear. One of the biggest advantages is that the bike can change the speed gear at any time – while on the move, while picking up speed, or when it is fully stopped. This feature makes it easy for those who are new to cycling to get results quickly.

Are there height restrictions for riding a bike?
The frame of the bike is intended for citizens up to 2 meters in length. The seat height is easy to adjust, and the seat post is also available, it can not be removed from the frame due to the security feature.

How much time can a citizen save after taking the bike?
According to the bike-sharing program, it is not intended to be used for more than 8 hours for one use. If there is a need for additional use, it is necessary to turn the bike over to the parking lot and use it again. If they keep bicycles longer than a certain period of time, a warning automatically comes to the mobile phone.

What happens if someone does not return the bike?
With the Admin program, it is possible to see exactly where and who the bike is, and how long it took. If they keep the bike too long, the program will send them a warning or contact the citizens to return the bike. When using the bicycle, the user takes responsibility for the equipment as defined by the legislation.

What kind of people use bicycles more often?
Installation of bicycle stations is suitable for installation at the exit of business centers, metro stations, ahead of hotels, boulevards, parks, Post centers, banks, stadiums. In transport, there is a special need for bicycles during congestion, and as the city grows, the density in transport also increases. In Japan, Sweden, the United States, China, England and other developed countries, bicycles are a large part of the traffic participants, and this indicator is growing year after year. There are approximately 1.6 billion bicycles in the world, 500 million in China, 250 million in Europe, 150 million in the USA.